Herbal Moonlodge - Almost Every New Moon in 2018 at Yoga Shine

This circle is for all who are wishing to connect with a magical lunar practice on a moonthly basis. We will gather to set intention, meditate and practice the cultivation of inner vision alongside lunar rhythms. Each month we will work with a new theme, sip a tasty brew of herbal tea and learn about medicinal herbs that will help us bring our intentions into fullness. Sometimes there will be art making, medicine crafting, writing and movement; surprises in store! This is a supportive circle for us to share and dream together. To amplify our magic. Come as you are. Only 12 spots are open each month, so be sure to reserve your place! 

We meet at Yoga Shine Mendocino on or close to every new moon. 

The dates are: 

Tuesday 1/16 : 7-9 pm

Friday 2/16 : 6-8 pm

Saturday 3/17 : 6-8 pm

Monday 4/16 : 1:30-3:30 pm

Tuesday 5/15 : 7 - 9 pm

Wednesday 6/13 : 6-8 pm

Friday 7/13 : 5 - 7 pm

Saturday 9/8 : 6 - 8 pm

Tuesday 10/9 : 7-9 pm

Wednesday 11/7 : 6-8 pm

Each circle is $25. To register visit and find the date on the schedule. The class is listed as "Herbal Moonlodge". Please email if you have any questions.