I am working on restructuring and deepening the cirriculum of this program, it will resume as a year round offering in 2019. 

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What people are saying about The Folk Medicine and Magic of Old Europe:

"Such an eye opening and loving series of classes that open the door to a deeper understanding of why we are who we are and how to love ourselves and those who came before us.  Pure Magic." - L.B.
"Liz's approach to teaching is truly interdisciplinary. She combines elements of European folk healing traditions with contemporary herbalism just as she combines folk lore with alternative histories, treating each with the reverence and attention they deserve and helping her students see the ways in which these often forcefully separated fields have been tightly woven together in the past and how they can be again. Liz helped me ground my work with plants in my own European ancestry by first encouraging me to understand and grieve for what has been lost, to then celebrate what has been preserved and to commit myself to the process of remembering traditional healing, dreaming and ceremonial practices. Somehow she managed to do this all against the backdrop of radical history, including feminist, queer, anti-capitalist and and anti-racist analyses by sharing her research of indigenous European traditions that run counter to dominant narratives of race, gender, class and spirituality and encouraging her students to do the same. Liz helped me tune into the energetic rise and fall of the seasons by developing relationships and making medicine with plants in season i.e.: the sexy, love magic of roses, apples, honey and jasmine in the Spring and deep ancestral communion with the dead via roots, Evergreens and obsidian in the Fall. One of the most valuable take-aways from Liz's class is the empowering sense that I can and will continue the work I started in her class forward." - L.
"Folk Medicine and Magic class gave me access to herbal self-care practices I never would have discovered on my own, helped me connect to my ancestors, and changed even the way I walk down the street: I'm now able to greet plants I didn't know before. Working with the plants in such a supportive setting helped me begin to confront and heal traumas I hadn't known how to approach before. Liz is a deeply wise, compassionate teacher and gifted in her ability to hold radically inclusive space for healing while conveying lots of fascinating information about plants and folk tradition. The healing practices I learned in class helped me grow a lot as an individual, while the emphasis on community--both in the way that these practices have been passed down through generations, and in the way every class member was encouraged to share their special energy--made sure that no matter what I was experiencing, I never felt alone. I was sad to leave this class behind, but so glad to have begun to learn everything I did, and so excited to see what Liz will do next." - K.B
"I took this class deeply wanting more in my magickal and herbal practices. I sought out inspiration and alignment to further curate my individual magick and found it in this class. This class also re inspired a deeper individual herbal practice aligned with place, season, folk traditions and self. I found particular kinship with this class in its acknowledgement to attune to my individual ancestry and dream work. I walk away with more ways to connect with my ancestors, goddesses, sacred clown allies and plant allies." - H.