You Yourself Know: A Residency


This residency provides spaciousness to explore your work and the way you care for yourself. Grounded in the plant realm, you will receive one prompt a day that inspires a simple self-care practice in hopes of helping you build or expand upon the ways in which you balance work and restoration. This could be a time for you to work on projects that tend to be put on the back burner, a time to become a co-collaborator with Earth, a time to invite rituals of deep beauty into your life. We invite plant-people, artists, makers, activists, writers, dancers, gardeners, builders, musicians, witches and anyone in between to apply. 

Please note that this is a self-directed residency and not a mentorship. We will have one check-in during your time here to see how the space can be more supportive of your work.


This is a rural residency. Mendocino is 3.5 hours north of the Bay.  It is reached by driving very long, windy roads. The workshop is 4 miles from the ocean and amongst the redwoods. The Mendocino coast is known for its wild waters, expansive views and deep forests. This is a uniquely beautiful place that is a bit of a trek to get to, but it is absolutely worth it! The land is less than ten minutes to the village of Mendocino, where there is an organic cafe, coffee shops, natural foods store, post office, etc. Cell service is spotty at the residency, but always available in town.


You will be staying in the herbal schoolhouse, complete with your own fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. There is a large living space with a woodstove for heat (We will give you a woodstove lesson upon arrival). We also will provide a space heater or two if needed. There is wifi in the workshop, but please note that it is not always high-speed and is not great for streaming videos or music. We have a rural satellite internet connection and it is often influenced by the weather. We certainly encourage as much un-plugging as possible!

 The Herbal Schoolhouse and Residency Space 

The Herbal Schoolhouse and Residency Space 

Right out the back door of your bedroom are miles and miles of woodland trails in the state forest behind the property. You will be provided with a map of trails to explore at your own will! Depending on the season, there are many medicinal plants all around. You will also be provided with a list of other great hikes, beaches, etc in the area. There is really so much to see! 

This space is separate from my home, which is also on the land. One of the rooms in the herbal schoolhouse is also where we make medicine and see clients. On Fridays we make medicine and will be sharing the kitchen/bathroom space during that day with you. I might need to come in to do work at times, but your bedroom is always secluded and private if you wish for it to be so!


You have an open mind

Willingness to lean into the mystery

You clean up after yourself

Stir the compost when you take out the compost

Prepare woodpile for the next resident

Make something to contribute to the community apothecary: this could be a medicine, a mixtape, a zine, etc. Medicine comes in many forms.

Create an ode to a plant that has influenced you - this can be poetry, music, a dance, anything.

Respect the space, make offerings to the land


The 2018 cost is $375 for a ten day stay.

Unfortuantely, we are unable to provide transportation to the workshop. Because this is a rural residency, residents must have their own car or rent a car for the residency. We are happy to carpool into town if it aligns, but because of our own busy work schedules and practices, we cannot guarantee this. We understand that this limits the number of folks who can apply. This is a first year trial, and are hoping that we can eventually create a sliding scale option to make this more accessible. 


We are also looking for folks who want to come and contribute to some on-going land projects we have such as garden development and sauna-building. There is a possibility for a work trade. If this is something that you have experience with and are interested, or if you have any other land-project ideas, please email

2018 Application period is closed.

Check back in fall of 2018 for 2019 applications.