Let's talk about herbs for you! A herbal consultation is a 1.5-2 hour appointment that dives into your past, present and future. Addressing a specific health issue or overall wellness intentions, an herbal consultation is a way to support physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic health. Herbs can help with many health issues including: sleep trouble, stress and anxiety, respiratory conditions, auto-immune dis-ease, digestive function, colds and flus, reproductive health, skin issues, cardiovascular conditions and more. 

Some things we might discuss: What have been big moments in your life thus far? Past health issues? How are you feeling today? Where would you like to be in a month from now? Six months from now? What is your intention for healing? There will be many more questions. In order to understand your constitution I may use diagnostic pulse and tongue analysis. 

With this compiled information, a shared cup of tea and in-depth discussion, I will prepare an herbal formula that is individually designed for you, and only you. This formula may include 1, 2 or 3 different tinctures, maybe just a tea blend, or maybe even one herbal ally to support you. The best form of medicine will be based on your personal needs. Some options may include herbal remedies, flower essences, nutritional support, lifestyle changes & other healing modalities. You will leave with an herbal protocol and other tools for support on your wellness path. 

I welcome all bodies with deep compassion and respect!

A 2 hour intake is $120-$180, sliding scale. Follow ups are 1 hour and cost $65. All herbal formulas are charged separately $13/oz (in tincture form). 

I offer consultations in person and via phone. To schedule a consultation, please click here

3 low-income spaces are always reserved for full intakes each month. Please email to schedule. Please note that these sessions often book way in advance. Thank you.


On herb clinic days we offer shorter consultations for a lower price. We offer 5 slots each week on Thursdays. Each appointment is 45 minutes long and costs $50 + cost of herbs. This is only available in person on the coast.

To book, please click here.


Flower Essence Consultations are a great way to work with the energetic and spiritual components of your health that are at work. I will ask you to come to a session prepared with an intention and will ask you a few follow up questions to best decide what flower, gem, animal, environmental essences might be the best fit for you. I will craft a blend that is specific for your intention and personal mythology. It will taste good too, I promise. :)

A Flower Essence Consultation is 1 hour and is $90-$120, sliding scale. Price includes a custom-made formula.

To schedule a consultation, please click here


I offer personal counsel with folks who are looking to work one on one in strengthening their connection to their intuition, ancestors, dream work, the plant realm and beyond. Some may call this life coaching, others may call it mentorship, others may call it a Priestess Training. A session may include a magic and ritual, plant lesson & meditation, stone work, verbal discussion and getting creative. :) Sometimes this meeting only needs to happen once, for others it does become a mentorship where we can meet over a longer period of time to deepen the work. I am open to listening to what surfaces. Please contact me for more information if you would like to potentially work together and learn more. 

Please email see is Magical Counsel is right for you.