In Bloom: A Flower Essence Workshop

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In Bloom: A Flower Essence Workshop


This weekend of flower magic is devoted to learning how to make potent flower essences. Flower essences are energetic remedies used in herbal practice and self-care for supporting vibrational shifts in the soul and spirit. They are accessible and simple while being powerful and an incredible creative practice. In this two day workshop, we will visit incredible locations around the spectacular Mendocino Coast and forests to find flowers that we wish to make medicine with. We will enter into ceremony and work mainly with flower essences but will also cover gem essences, animal essences and environmental essences. Because this class is a sleepover, you will also learn some great dream work techniques for working with your flower essences and discovering how they might assist you in healing. Students will ground into the work through honoring the medicine of place here on the Mendocino Coast. 

Each student will leave with a few flower essences that they have made themselves, as well as opportunities to trade with other class participants. 

Class details:

The total class coast for the weekend is $222. 

Class will start at 10:00 am on Saturday, May 18th and end at 3:30 pm on Sunday, May 19th.

Students are asked to bring a bagged lunch for Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday will be provided. The meals provided will be gluten-free. Please bring your own food if you have certain dietary restrictions. 

Students are welcome to camp at the Sister Spinster workshop on Saturday the 18th for an additional $15.

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