Shaping Water: Poesis & The Oracle

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Shaping Water: Poesis & The Oracle


Friday, June 14 through Sunday, June 16th

This weekend intensive brings together oracular trance work, plant magic and spellcraft. We will work with the one-who-croaks-from-the-dark-waters, Frog Woman, as teacher and initiate into scrying work for the weekend. We will practice reading and listening to the energies that flow beneath the surface of things, individually and as a group, as we peer into the collective well. We will work with fennel, bay leaf, and apple as divinatory allies, practicing a variety of visioning methods to channel, write, and speak, weaving what we pull from the other realm into poetry and spellcraft. Medicinal plants have long been used as tunnel, veil, glimpse, voice into the otherworld and the allies that we are working with this weekend are potent doorways into seeing with the other eye. Since this class will be diving deep into Otherworld and trance, we will also spend time on strengthening our protective arts as we move between the realms.

This class is for those who are interested in trance work, poetry, plant energetics, channeling, seership & oracular practices that speak from Earth.

This experimental weekend workshop of oracular work with plants will be hosted at the Sister Spinster workshop in Mendocino, CA. There are only 9 spots available. Class begins Friday night (June 14) at 6 pm and will go till 9 pm then will meet all day Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm and 10 am - 3:30 pm on Sunday. The class cost is $333. Students will be leaving with medicines and essences made from some of these plants, as well as other goodies.

This class is taught by Liz Migliorelli and Lindsey Boldt

Lindsey Boldt is a poet, rune reader, Reiki Master, cat fancier, and plant witch of Celtic & Germanic ancestry who is obsessed with tracing the thrum inside and under things. She is currently entranced by apple blossoms, nettle crowns, and just all trees everywhere forever, amen. Lindsey’s healing & magical practice goes by the name of Wyrd Energetics. She also edits books for a living and is the author of Some Ennui, <(( ))>, Titties for Lindsey, and Overboard. Lindsey lives in Olympia, Washington on Squaxin & Nisqually land.

Liz Migliorelli belongs to a lineage of spinsters, hedge witches, apple romancers and herb cunning-folk. Liz’s people are Western Slavic, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and volcano folk from Napoli. Her work with plants is inspired by the old folkways, the emerging folkways and the deep enchantment of living soil. Some of her favorite divination tools are beeswax, murky waters and chickens. She lives on unceded North Coast Pomo & Yuki territories also known as Mendocino, CA.

painting by Diango Hernádez

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